3 reasons to hire us for Social Media Management

Social media is an integral piece of every business’ marketing plan. As there are many social media platforms, it is important to understand which ones target your ideal customer. This can lead to hours of creating posts, that may not be seen by your customers, which as a business owner, is a waste of precious time.  Then, frustration ensues, leading to poor post quality, or a lack of posting, which also does not benefit your business. 

Rairdan Services Inc. takes the stress and guesswork of social media away from your business, so you can focus on what is really important… running your business!  There are three major reasons why you should trust us to manage your social media. 

Our experience.  Currently, Rairdan Services Inc. assists multiple clients with their social media, with positive results.  Our experience helps us understand which platforms are best suited for your business and industry. We know how often to post during the week.  We know which content gets the most attention. We know which time of day is the most beneficial for your post to reach the platform. All of these nuances result in optimized client engagement for your business.  Our review of social media analytics every week, allows us to adjust these factors to maximize your engagement. 

Saving time.  With your input and guidance, Rairdan Services Inc. and our team of social media managers will create content to post on your site.  This is the most time-consuming activity in handling social media and something that most business owners do not have time for. Your ideas will be the inspiration for the posts so you still come out with a page that is unique to you and your business.  We will also handle client engagement which is another time-consuming activity. In doing so, we prioritize building a community of loyal supporters, by ensuring there is consistency on every platform. We also make sure there is proper website integration, tagging of products and relevant hashtags. 

Our commitment to you.  Our team is committed to providing you, the client, with our best service possible.  We thrive on seeing your business succeed, because your success means our success. We are always available during business hours to address your social media needs and concerns.  This might be the promotion of a sale, or engaging the community in an event.     

Managing your social media should not be stressful, it is an ever-expanding tool for your business. Let us help you embrace social media and show you what it can do for your business. 

Call us at 403-743-0347 or email wendy@rairdanservices.ca to inquire about social media management.


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